Thursday, October 7, 2010

Almost the end of the 1st part

Hey people,
I'm having 2 weeks of exams.
Real rough.. no joke here.
In 3 weeks time I'll be back home =)

Something to be happy of I guess?
One more week of exams coming up..
assignments due...
class test..
and my final exam's on 28th.. 2 days before I go back
to Msia.

Looking forward to see you guys!!
Right now, its just
perseverance !!

Wish me luck?

Chris out

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Polar : " What's uP?"

Hey guys! I know its been ridiculously long since
I updated this sad little blog of mine.
The truth is,
I was really busy, and there's just
way too much ups and downs happening in such a
short period of time.
Its no fun doing 5 papers per semester.
If any of you were hoping that I was dead...
I'm really sorry I'll have to disappoint you guys.. =P
I'm very much alive!!

This is not really a place for KL boy.
Its boring...
The only entertainment is drinking..
which I'm not really keen on doing these days...
I still drink.. don't get me wrong.. but
in a very different manner.

I promise I'll update more photos either
here or facebook.
Yes, I actually did take photos..
Not much... but yea.. enough to feed those of you
who wants to see more of

ME!!!!! (handsome Chris)!
I know many of you are probably gonna puke right now,
but just bare with me for a moment alright?

I AM>>>>>.
Mentally exhausted.
Physically exhausted.
Walletly exhausted.

For those of you who does not understand what "walletly exhausted".
It means that you will need to re-apply for English lessons.
Nah I was just joking...
it means... I'm broke!
That's because I've been eating way too much,
but still hungry every night.
And I always seem to have "something" "necessary"
to buy.
Which kinda suck...
and I can't work this semester due to my heavy workload.
So that is suck x 2.

Well, I gtg... cuz this is as far as I'm motivated to blog...
Do keep in touch with me on fb!!

P.S: why do I feel like I've lost touch with my friends?.... Why do I feel so lonely here?
and... its gonna be worse from this upcoming month onwards.... haih

Monday, June 21, 2010

Who says Jail is the worst place ever?

If you know the right place to do crime,
you might get a reward for it. >.<>
Not bad huh?...
Now compare my University's library.

This is Otago University's central library.
Looking familiar?

We students have no enough seats in the library
during exam periods.
The "PRISONERS" have their own "suite".

What kind of world are we living in now people?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After having cold lamb for dinner, got back to the library, and because I didn't have anything better to do, I logged onto fb and started looking at my pictures one by one. Its funny how a simple picture brings memories back to life. Not just images of what happened but feelings and emotions as though you were there again.

I would like to dedicate this post to two of my friends who were once very close to me. These were the two girls I met through skype.. spontaneously. I still remember how shy she was when I asked her to turn the web cam on cuz I was reluctant to type. I still remember how we became 3 of the bestest friends in just months time. I still remember our trip to Malacca, spontaneous trips to Genting, and of course how we celebrated an occasion at KLIA. However, for some stupid mistakes I've made, our very fast blossomed friendship also faded away swiftly. It sucks to see a 180 degree change of attitude, and we no longer talk anymore. All that "shisha" chit chat sessions, all those funny pictures.

I've always treasured my friends and I hold them close to my chest. I'm always serious in any relationships. I hope I can turn back time and withdraw the damage, but the damage is done. Lastly, if they are reading this post, I just want them to know that I still think of them, and I still think they are two of the bestest friends I have apart from my brothers. Those time with them were some of the most awesome memories I have.

And for my "heng dais" who are reading this post, I'm missing you guys man. Brothers for life!

Not to forget my wonderful colleagues! Jun, Chloe, Jerry, Kelly, S.May! missing u guys!

and for all of my other friends, such as my "neighbour", and shisha friends... missing you all heaps! Cherish these friendships of ours and you all've been missed!

Emotional Chris out..

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yup, because I have so much time
with nothing to do,
I spent about 2 hours
decorating my blog, looking all new
and GOOD =)

Hope y'all like it


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exams are over.. now what?

Exams are over, not able to go back home
due to rental contract restrictions...
Not gonna waste money going back
for 1 month?
What to do?!!

Looking forward to this trip to Auckland.
There'll be someone "special" going along with me.
*jeng jeng jeng*
haha... don't try to assume too much folks..

Hopefully there will be SHISHA in Auckland.
Will smoke myself to death if there is one.. lol
It's going to be a 6 days trip,
should be nice to get away from this boring town for a while..
I'm tired.. tired of being tired...
tired of being bored..

homemade cookies!!
*jeng jeng jeng*
ok.. this jeng jeng thing is getting lame..

Polarpher aka Emo Prince out...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New season.

Autumn's gone, winter's here.
Everyone tells me that time flies,
but I doubt it..
Most of my exams are over.
Had my performance assessment done yesterday.
Two more to go...
Having study breaks now...
kinda like a holiday except I'll be facing lecture notes
and heavy readings everyday.
Weather's getting awfully cold,
the sun doesn't come up till 8 in the morning.
Sets at 5, its just driving everyone sad.
Nothing "happening" around here...
What's the most "exciting" thing about the end of the day?
Well, it is that tomorrow, it starts all over again.. =(
I have visions... of things...
I would love to have them fulfilled and come true...
Emo me..